Mobile Publishing and Business Development Agents

Focused on partner growth and rewarded on a success based model

Mobile Publishing

Full platform representation, promoting games and apps with the leading mobile platforms, to maximising store visibility. Starting in early development with positioning, through soft launch metrics, marketing plans and presentations, global launch planning, strategy and full lifecycle updates, with the aim of securing regular promotional opportunities.

Business Development

Expanding your business networks, uncovering and creating new opportunities, negotiating and closing deals that achieve your goals. Executing your business strategy with our industry insight to capitalise on an ever evolving market.

Growth Funding

Accelerate your growth, unlock revenues, and acquire more users earlier. With early access to app store and advertising revenues, R&D tax credits and Games Tax Relief, you’ll have the means to boost growth.
With a full range of partner fund sources available, you to choose the most suitable solution for your needs.


Mobile Publishing

We are your in-house publishing team, working hand-in-hand with executive and development teams, maximising soft launch, global launch and full lifecycle success.

  • Game/app publishing lifecycle planning
  • Platform representation and pitching
  • App Store / Google Play optimisation (ASO)
  • Marketing and UA
  • Media planning and PR
  • Promotional partnerships
  • OEM distribution and embedding
  • Community management
  • Influencer sourcing and management

Business Development

Bringing an extended network of business relationships which rapidly increase opportunities and deal flow, from within the mobile sector and beyond.

  • IP licensing and management
    • Prestige vehicle manufacuters to Hollywood film franchises
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Corporate development
  • Project sourcing and placement
  • Deal negotiation and closing
  • Game/app acquisition and sale

Why Zing?

We are a team of mobile games industry professionals with two decades of experience successfully publishing games, forging alliances, business development and closing deals.

Why Mobile Focused?

We believe mobile is different to every other digital platform, from the business models and marketing of apps, to the distribution, game play and the users.

Taking the same approach to mobile as that of PC and Console is to limit the opportunity of addressing the worlds largest digital platform.


  • Fuse Powered
    Fuse Poweredbusiness-development / contract-negotiation
  • Call of Duty – World At War Zombies
    Call of Duty – World At War Zombiesbusiness-development / contract-negotiation / publishing / softography
  • CSR Racing
    CSR Racingbusiness-development / contract-negotiation / licensing / publishing / softography
  • Hutch
    Hutchbusiness-development / contract-negotiation / licensing / publishing
  • Jiggery Pokery
    Jiggery Pokerypublishing
  • Natural Motion Games
    Natural Motion Gamesbusiness-development / licensing / publishing
  • Reflection
  • Team17


We work with companies of all sizes, from start-ups to large corporations, here’s a few:

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